Doctor Strange

Made complacent by a successful career in neurosurgery, Dr. Stephen Strange’s self-important worldview was shattered, along with his delicate operating hands, in a fateful car accident. In desperation, Strange sought out the Ancient One–a legendary mystic in the Himalayas–to heal his injuries and wounded pride. Instead he found meaning as the Ancient One’s pupil, patiently studying the occult arts for seven years.

Returning to society as The Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange is now regarded as the world’s preeminent luminary on all things magic, esoteric and unknowable. Doctor Strange relentlessly defends the earth from the unfathomable, inter-dimensional dangers that lie beyond with help from the countless magical items and artifacts found in an odd, three-story dwelling known as the Sanctum Sanctorum.

The Sanctum is a focal point for supernatural energies, and the third floor of the building features an enormous circular skylight with four swooping lines. This circular design is actually the “Seal of the Vishanti” and it protects the Sanctum from supernatural invaders. It is also called the “Window of the Worlds”.

The pure silver, legal-tender coin enclosed in this package is a tribute to the epic Marvel motion picture, Doctor Strange. Sanctioned by the Issuing Authority in the island nation of Tuvalu, the 2-ounce coin features the magical, protective Seal of the Vishanti, and is rendered in scrumptious detail…one look and you can almost smell the heavy odor of burning incense from the third floor of the Sanctum Sanctorum!