Whatever you know him as, wherever you know him from—the blockbuster movies, TV shows, video games, cartoons, or millions of comics—BATMAN is proof you don’t need superpowers to be a DC SUPER HERO…

And now everyone’s favorite DC SUPER HERO is also legal tender currency!

2014 is the 75th Anniversary of BATMAN, and to commemorate the event, the Island of Niue has authorized a series of legal tender, precious metal collectible coins featuring the CAPED CRUSADER. The tiny country resides 1,500 miles northeast off the coast of New Zealand.

The coins are gorgeous, and there are two different strikes available: a ¼ ounce pure gold piece with a face value of $25 and a BIG, 2oz silver coin with a face value of $5. Each spectacular design comes complete with limited edition packaging and a line-up of one-of-a-kind bonus features designed to wow even the most casual of BATMAN fans.

The first special bonus is an incredible 3D, Augmented Reality experience! For the first time ever, users with an Apple or Android tablet or mobile phone can launch an incredible 3D image of BATMAN alongside the legal tender coin!

The 3D experience is launched through a free 75 YEARS of BATMAN™ application available from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. After downloading the app, a user can hold their device’s camera over the coin as it nests inside specially created game board (a free game board is included with each coin and is also available as a free download alongside the app). Within moments, the CAPED CRUSADER appears right before your eyes, ready to fight crime with his BATARANG and GRAPNEL GUN! There is also an amazing “selfie” picture mode where you and your friends can snap a close-up picture standing alongside the DARK KNIGHT!

The app uses “augmented reality”, a technology that supplements the view of a real world object with computer-generated graphics and sound (when viewed through a digital device). In this case, the results are nothing short of amazing!

The next bonus is a die-cut, stainless steel Certificate of Authenticity featuring the autograph of none other than noted cartoonist, filmmaker and creator of The Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller! Numerous filmmakers, illustrators, and writers consistently credit Frank Miller as a MAJOR influence in the development of the Batman character.

If that wasn’t enough, also included in the set is a Limited Edition, cloisonné 75 YEARS of BATMAN™ lapel pin.

Buy the 2014 75 YEARS of BATMAN™ Proof Coins, featuring:

  • 2oz Proof Quality 99.9% Pure Silver


  • 1/4oz Proof Quality 99.99% Pure 24kt Gold
  • Includes Special 3D BATMAN Augmented Reality Experience
  • $5 Island of Niue Legal Tender (SILVER coin)
  • $25 Island of Niue Legal Tender (GOLD coin)
  • Limited Mintage – 7,500 (SILVER coin)
  • Limited Mintage – 750 (GOLD coin)
  • Numbered, Stainless Steel Certificate of Authenticity featuring Frank Miller Facsimile Autograph
  • Includes 75 Years of Batman Lapel Pin